Over the past three years of graduate school I have had opportunities to observe and teach in nearly a dozen different school districts at all levels.  I have taught and tutored English in diverse situations, from small group volunteer tutoring to intensive English programs for international students.  I have also had numerous experiences teaching Social Sciences, including American Government, World History, and U.S. History.

I hold a Master's of Arts in Education with specialization in English as a Second Language.  I am certified in English, ESOL, and Social Studies at the high school, and college levels, with licensure in the states of Missouri and Texas.  I have studied both Arabic and Spanish at the college level, with intermediate fluency in Arabic and basic fluency in Spanish.

I enjoy working with students of all ages.  I have worked with toddlers, teens, college students, and senior citizens.  My teaching style is relaxed, but focused.  As long as we are making progress toward our goals then we are learning.  Learning should be fun and focused.  Ideally students should construct knowledge for themselves through research and experience.  I strive to make this a reality through guiding students in focused study.

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