Friday, March 20, 2015


Understanding geography, at least the physical locations of states and countries, is an important aspect of understanding U.S. History.  Specifically, when taking the STAAR certain questions can be answered just using your understanding of geography - even generally.

To start with get an idea of the major bodies of water and countries that are in/near the United States.

Then get an idea of the regions and states within the United States. 

Finally, get an idea of the world map.

Now do a little learning - choose a game based on which area you feel you know the least:
  1. U.S. and World Map
  2. U.S. Geography - States and Capitals
  3. GeoBee Challenge - World Geography

Apps for geography:
  1. Best Apps
  2. Atlas for Free (iPhone/Pad)
  3. World Geography (iPhone/Pad)
  4. Stuck on Earth - World Travel Guide (iPhone/Pad)

As we go along we will connect our geography knowledge to historical events.  Think back to our lessons on :
  • How did geography impact the Spanish-American War? 
  • Why was the Panama Canal important? 
  • What about Cuba? Find it on the map.  Why would it be important to the United States?

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